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I am a highly experienced web developer from Southern California with several years of experience engineering web solutions. I am proficient in using many web development tools, including: composer, git version control, SCSS, Less, PHPUnit, Phinx Migrations and Gulp.

I have built many customized solutions using CakePHP 2.x and CakePHP 3.x frameworks. I co-developed a content management system for realtors in CakePHP. I am a detail-oriented front end developer that love standards-compliant HTML and clean compartmentalized CSS. Throughout my career I've worked with many PHP-based content management systems (Drupal, Wordpress, Magento).

Whether it's front end development or back end programming I have a can do attitude and learn fast on the job, and I relish professional development opportunities like attending conferences to network and build my knowledge. I am an excellent team player and take criticism well.

Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio,
Richard Sacco

Company Projects

TheBoutiquere was developed while working for SMSold, a company that specializes in creating custom websites for real estate agents. My role was to redo a lot of the pages given a new comp. I worked a lot on the video portion to get it to work on desktop as well as on iPad. The site is fully responsive. I rebuilt most of the front end code from scratch and I built it before I started using bootstrap in websites (which I tend to do now but I still use an older workflow I developed with SASS sometimes). The website was built with a Cake 2.x backend.
Omega Group
Omega Group was also developed while working for SMSold. It's mostly a one page site. Built with the Sold 5 platform which is a Cake 2.x based content management system that I had a hand in developing which allows customers to easily edit, add, and delete listings. They could also determine to some degree how listings show up on the front end. Omega was the first site where I developed the front end using bootstrap. I did the work of implementing the comp given to me as well as writing the queries to display the necessary data.
San Diego Sports Acupuncture is a website I worked on briefly while working for Tragic Media. It was my first time working to make a website responsive. Built in Drupal I skinned parts of the website and was responsible for most of the responsive process.

Freelance Projects

Salt And Pepper Weddings
This is a responsive website I built for a client in CakePHP3.x. The vimeo videos featured are being pulled from the client's vimeo channel via the vimeo API.
This is a website I built while contracting for ArcPointGroup . The website is built with CakePHP2.x. I was responsible for creating the HTML/CSS for the website as well as displaying data input into the database.
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Github Link: https://github.com/Modicrumb

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